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Ancient Faith Christianity • Traditional • Faithful • Meaningful • Complete

We abhor violence and pray for peace in Ukraine, in the Middle East, and throughout the world.


Our Vision: To receive, accept, make known and share God the
Father's love in all its saving power, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.


Our Mission: To make present in this time and place the fullness of the
Orthodox Christian Faith, so that all persons might come to the
knowledge of the Truth. We carry out this mission through worship,
stewardship, education, nurture, fellowship, charity and outreach.


Our Values: We are traditional: We value time-honored truths and
morality. We hold to long-established patterns of worship, devotion and
service. We value every person, family, and community. We believe that
life lived rightly has boundaries--there are things that we should do and
things we should not; but within the structure provided by those limits
there is the opportunity for boundless growth, creativity and joy. Indeed,
we affirm this apparent paradox: that the path to true freedom and
eternal blessedness is to be a servant--to be a servant of God the Father,
through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit.


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