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4/24    Great and Holy Wednesday

           7:00 PM – Matins of Holy Thursday,

           Commemoration of the Last Supper


4/25    Great and Holy Thursday

           10:00 AM – Vespers and Divine Liturgy (“Vesperal Divine Liturgy”)

           commemorating the Last Supper


           7:00 PM – Matins of Holy Thursday,

           with the Reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels


4/26    Great and Holy Friday

           3:00 PM – Vespers, with the Rite of the Entombment of our Lord


           7:00 PM – Matins of Holy Saturday,

           with Psalm 119 and Verses chanted over the Lord’s Tomb,

           and the Procession with the Epitaphion (Plaschinitsa/Winding Sheet)


4/27    Great and Holy Saturday

           10:00 AM – Vespers and Divine Liturgy (“Vesperal Divine Liturgy”),

            with the 15 Readings from the Old Testament,

            and the Gospel Reading with the first announcement of our Lord’s Resurrection,

            and with the changing of the liturgical coverings from purple and black to bright white


           11:30 PM – The Midnight Office (“Nocturns”),

           followed by the Matins and the Divine Liturgy of Holy Pascha


4/28    Great and Holy Pascha (“Easter Sunday”)

           12:00 NOON – Paschal Vespers,

           with the Procession and the Reading of the Gospel Accounts of the Our Lord’s Resurrection


4/29    Bright Monday

           IN NEW BRITAIN:  9:00 AM – Paschal Divine Liturgy,

          with Festive Procession, at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, New Britain, CT


5/1      Bright Wednesday

           7:00 PM – Paschal Vespers,

           followed by a festive, Paschal “Bring-and-Share” Meal


5/4      Bright Saturday

           IN WATERBURY:  9:30 AM – Paschal Divine Liturgy,

           at Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary (“Saint Mary’s) Orthodox Church, Waterbury, CT.

          At the conclusion of this Liturgy, we will serve a Thanksgiving Prayer Service,

          including commemoration of the founders, benefactors and contributors,

          at the exterior front steps of the Parish Temple.


5/5      Thomas Sunday

            9:15 AM – Divine Liturgy

            12:15 AM – Blessing of the Graves in the Parish Cemetery


5/6      Monday

            7:00 PM – Monthly Meeting of the Terryville Parish Council


5/7      Tuesday

            Feast of Saint Alexis, Confessor and Defender of Orthodoxy in America

            IN CLINTON, CT: 9:00 AM – Festal Divine Liturgy,

            at Saint Alexis Church, Clinton, CT, for the Parish Feast Day of that Parish


5/8      Wednesday

           8:00 AM – Matins (Morning Prayers)


5/10    Friday

            Eve of the Feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius

            7:00 PM – Vespers


5/11    Saturday

            Feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius

            9:15 AM – Festal Divine Liturgy, commemorating our Patron Saints

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